Tips For Securing Your Home

Many homeowners inadvertently leave out the welcome mat for bugs and pests. Our technician will recommend easy, yet effective steps you can take to create a home environment that will keep pests out. By simply removing their food supply and breeding sites you will be on your way to a pest free home.

Seal Up The Open Spaces
Make sure all outside doors and windows are completely sealed. If you can see light around or beneath a door or window, insects and/or mice will be able to come in! Likewise, keep garage doors closed. For a tight seal make sure the weather stripping at the base of the door is in good condition. Check for good screening on vents.
Dry Out Drainage Areas
Dry up any sources of moisture in or around your home. Fix plumbing leaks on the inside and provide proper water drainage away from your home on the outside (gutters, downspouts, etc.).Do not leave buckets of water on or around your deck or porch as this will attract insects.
Reduce The Clutter
Clutter around the house and in attics, closets and basements provide excellent housing for pests. Eliminate unnecessary items and keep stored items in sealed plastic containers.
Clean Up After Yourself
Extensively clean up food spills, especially pet food. Don't leave dirty dishes out overnight. To help control fruit flies wash all fruits and vegetables that are not kept refrigerated. Regular vacuuming and cleaning also decreases the likelihood of pest infestation. Remember to change vacuum bags regularly, as they can act as a breeding ground for pests.
Trim Around The Edge
Vegetation creates easy access into your home. Keep trees, shrubs and plants cut back from your home's roof, eaves, windows and siding. Likewise, keep debris, scraps, mulch and woodpiles away from your home's foundation.