Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my home really be pest-free?
A. Yes! We can eliminate existing infestations and prevent insects and rodents from re-entering, for a pest-free environment that is backed by a 100% year-round guarantee, depending on the level of service you choose. Just call or e-mail us for additional information and pricing.
Q. How long will the technician be at my home?
A. It depends on the type of pest, the size of your home and other factors. A routine initial service for ants, for example, may take less than an hour, while rodent problems may require several service visits.
Q. Why don't over-the-counter sprays seem to get rid of the ants in my home?
A. These pesticides will only kill the ants you actually spray, which are only a fraction of what you actually have. If the colony is not destroyed, ants will continue to return to areas where you can see them. A trained professional can identify the type of ant, locate the source and apply the necessary treatment.
Q. Do termites only attack older houses?
A. Termites have been found in buildings as early as four days after construction. Any building with any wood in its construction is susceptible to termite infestation.
Q. Are there other wood-destroying insects I need to worry about?
A. Next to termites, beetles are the worst wood-destroying insects that threaten your home. They like all kinds of wood - old and new, hard and soft - and even your furniture. Wood-borers, such as Powderpost Beetles, Old House Borers and Anobiid Beetles, tunnel into the wood of your home to lay their eggs. Hungry larvae then hatch and begin eating everything in sight. Some live as long as 10 years.
Q.Is my home is free from wood-destroying pests if I've never seen any evidence of termites or beetles?
A. Not necessarily. These pests work from the inside out and are extremely difficult to detect. Drywood termites are especially difficult because, with the exception of rarely seen swarmers, the other members of the colony spend their entire lives inside the wood.